Fray Agustín de Azkúnaga: catorce obras inéditas para piano solo

La labor misionera de la Orden Franciscana en Sudamérica

  • Marcia Vasco


As result of an exploration in the Historic Archives of the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador, fourteen manuscripts were found of non-religious pieces for piano solo in ecuadorian musical genres, composed by Fray Agustin de Azkunaga, who also composed Quito`s anthem. The transcription of these musical pieces was made with the assistance of a special program for writing and editing digital music to be analyzed at a later date. The current investigation takes us through the Franciscan Order history, to which Azkunaga belonged, from Europe to its arrival to America to investigate about a possible intention to evangelize through these and other musical pieces. At the same time the organs of the Convent of San Francisco de Quito are described and presented where Fray Agustin de Azkunaga played.

Dec 21, 2021
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