El aporte patrimonial en la música sacra de la ciudad de Cuenca - Ecuador

Tradiciones europeas y mestizaje postcolonial

  • Miguel P. Juárez


The present article proposes to establish and describe two artistic patrimonial contributions to the sacred music of Ecuador; they belong to the cultural and religious past of the City of Cuenca (state of Azuay), a referential witness of the Evangelization process in America. Around the liturgy of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, different artistic expressions were born, and they have contributed to the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A qualitative and analytical methodology has been used in this study, from documentary sources corresponding to scores and Photographs. The first is a musical form for organ, product of a miscegenation between profane tonal dance and free rhythm verses with pentaphonic ancestral tunes. The second belongs to an extensive tradition and adaptation in Latin America: the construction of pipe organs according to models from the Iberian Peninsula, that adjusting to the geographical particularities gave rise to different schools of organ-building throughout the continent.

Dec 17, 2020
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