Women: Equitable economics, Transformation, and Business Empowerment.

  • Diego Ignacio Montenegro


It's amazing that in a world advancing at an unpredictable speed, with disruptive innovation and exponential technologies, it still ignores the economic impact of women. The book "Economy Double X" by Linda Scott makes visible important data and knowledge about the consequences of leaving women out of the equation, and the constant discrimination and workplace, family, academic and salary violence to which they are subjected. This impact is also reflected specifically in the leadership and strategic development of organizations, where the lower number of women in decision-making can affect not only financial benefits, but also the ability of institutions to innovate to adapt to present and future changes. There is no more powerful action to counter the exclusion of women than to make people aware of the dark outlook for the world should we continue to look the other way when it comes to economic and business policies that benefit women, who are the other part of the population.

Dec 16, 2022
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