Construcción teórica del campo figurativo para el análisis lírico

  • Jesús Miguel Delgado Del Aguila Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos


For years, the study of rhetoric has included figures that allow the analysis of poetry, as well as diversified creation according to multiple styles. In this regard, in this article, the proposal based on Stefano Arduini, who establishes the notion of figurative field, as a computer of subjective guidelines, typical of reasoning, from which six subclassifications are inferred: metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, ellipsis, antithesis and redundancy, in addition to the internal tropes that compose them. Faced with this, we will resort to the approaches elaborated by critics and the theorists of Literature for the hermeneutical confrontation that make up these concepts spread by poetry. The authors that will be used are Aristotle with Rhetoric, Marco Fabio Quintiliano with Oratory Institutions (1887), Pierre Fontanier with Les figures du discours (1977), George Lakoff and Mark Johnson with Metaphors of Everyday Life (1995), Jacques Lacan (1998), Stefano Arduini (2000), Oldřich Bĕlič (2000), Tomas Albaladejo (2008) and Camilo Ruben Fernandez Cozman (2010).

Dec 21, 2021
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