La cuestión de la técnica y la crisis ecológica.

¿Hay una vía de salida?

  • Cecilia Gallardo Universidad de los Andes
  • Francisca Echeverría Bambach
  • Francisca Echeverría Bambach


During the twentieth century, several thinkers wondered about the excessive confidence that humanity had in technology to solve any problem. Above all, having witnessed the atrocities that were committed in the Second World War, these philosophers contributed with various reflections and criticisms about the value and use we make of technique. However, today, the actual ecological crisis requires to question ourselves about the consequences that a misuse of technology can cause on the planet and on the human being. In that sense, the warnings made by figures such as C.S. Lewis, Max Horkheimer and Martin Heidegger help to ask certain questions that derive from technological progress. Although, while the reflection of the last century are necessary and important, they are not enough. In this moment, new questions are required that help comprehend the actual context and its technological problems. Only then can be known what can be possible done with the ecological crisis of this time.

Dec 17, 2020
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