La libertad posible: sentido jurídico y libertad

  • Ana Isabel Moscoso


Abstract: These pages are inspired by two qualities of the personality of Archbishop Juan Larrea Holguin, whom the author met and personally treated in two moments of his life. Said qualities are order and love for freedom – a mental and practical order that was the result of his effort and his deep legal sense, and an attitude towards freedom that reflected his deep understanding of the role of law in human life. These qualities are the starting point for the issues faced in this text, in the line of some of Leonardo Polo’s reflections (Spanish contemporary philosopher) about freedom and its growth, and Larrea Holguin’s exposition on the relationship between law and freedom. After characterizing freedom not only as a rational wanting of the potential will, he tries to approach freedom as a personal loving which transcends and drives will. Hence the understanding of free personal destination that gives meaning to the acts of will which, among other things, makes it possible to freely assume and follow some external standards.

Jul 11, 2017
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