Amistad con Juan Ignacio Larrea Holguín

  • José Ayala Lasso


This article reflects on Juan Ignacio Larrea Holguín as a human being through the eyes of José Ayala Lasso, who served in three different occasions as Minister of Foreign Affairs and who was also his disciple and friend. Aside from showing him as a humanist and a jurist, these pages mention Larrea Holguin’s relationship with nature, which he considered to be the one and essential environment with which human beings must work in order to build their temporary and eternal destiny. Being better at serving better was the motto of his whole life. During many years, Juan Larrea was a member of the Foreign Affairs Advisory Board, institution that, since its creation in the beginnings of the 20th Century had been fulfilling a transcendental mission: unselfishly and patriotically advice the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs on the most important and delicate matters of international politics and international relationships.

Jul 6, 2017
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